• Mr Twin Sister
    thomas (8 days ago)
  • Charlotte Adigéry, Bolis Pupul
    Thank You
    thomas (17 days ago)
  • Parquet Courts
    Plant Life
    thomas (about 1 month ago)

    a band listens to lcd soundsystem, 15 years late

  • The War On Drugs
    I Don't Wanna Wait
    thomas (about 1 month ago)

    feel like a lotta war on drugs songs are slow burners that never actually get off the ground, but this one manages it

  • Parquet Courts
    Walking at a Downtown Pace
    thomas (about 2 months ago)
  • Bartees Strange
    thomas (2 months ago)
  • Orange Juice
    I Can't Help Myself
    thomas (2 months ago)
  • Turnstile
    thomas (3 months ago)
  • Louie Zong
    thomas (3 months ago)
  • Disclosure
    Never Enough
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • Supergrass
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • Kylie Minogue
    Real Groove (feat. Dua Lipa) - Studio 2054 Initial Talk Remix
    thomas (5 months ago)
  • Kiwi, Bestley
    Hello Echo
    thomas (5 months ago)
  • Manga Saint Hilare, Lewi B.
    Don't Just Sit There. Do Something.
    thomas (5 months ago)
  • Geese
    thomas (5 months ago)
  • Dry Cleaning
    Unsmart Lady
    thomas (6 months ago)
  • black midi
    Chondromalacia Patella
    thomas (6 months ago)
  • HARD FEELINGS, Joe Goddard, Amy Douglas
    Holding On Too Long
    thomas (7 months ago)
  • Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
    Don't Leave Me This Way (feat. Teddy Pendergrass)
    thomas (8 months ago)

    i build a whole website to help me discover new music and here i find myself just listening to the spotify disco playlist again, smh

  • Strawberry Mountain
    Harsh Augmented Reality
    thomas (8 months ago)

    that said, i think the notifications popup is a lil annoying to glance at - i don't like the "red-dot" design and i'm going to try to come up with a better display. i think the easy way for this to work is a box over the feed that shows 3 or so notifications inline, with a "show more" button to pop the modal for more. that way most of the time you just see the notifications and can move on instead of getting the red dot nag which we all hate