• Parquet Courts
    Walking at a Downtown Pace
    thomas (1 day ago)
  • Bartees Strange
    thomas (23 days ago)
  • Orange Juice
    I Can't Help Myself
    thomas (25 days ago)
  • Turnstile
    thomas (about 1 month ago)
  • Louie Zong
    thomas (about 2 months ago)
  • Disclosure
    Never Enough
    thomas (2 months ago)
  • Supergrass
    thomas (2 months ago)
  • Kylie Minogue
    Real Groove (feat. Dua Lipa) - Studio 2054 Initial Talk Remix
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • Kiwi, Bestley
    Hello Echo
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • Manga Saint Hilare, Lewi B.
    Don't Just Sit There. Do Something.
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • Geese
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • Dry Cleaning
    Unsmart Lady
    thomas (4 months ago)
  • black midi
    Chondromalacia Patella
    thomas (5 months ago)
  • HARD FEELINGS, Joe Goddard, Amy Douglas
    Holding On Too Long
    thomas (6 months ago)
  • Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
    Don't Leave Me This Way (feat. Teddy Pendergrass)
    thomas (6 months ago)

    i build a whole website to help me discover new music and here i find myself just listening to the spotify disco playlist again, smh

  • Strawberry Mountain
    Harsh Augmented Reality
    thomas (7 months ago)

    that said, i think the notifications popup is a lil annoying to glance at - i don't like the "red-dot" design and i'm going to try to come up with a better display. i think the easy way for this to work is a box over the feed that shows 3 or so notifications inline, with a "show more" button to pop the modal for more. that way most of the time you just see the notifications and can move on instead of getting the red dot nag which we all hate

  • Woody Goss
    Tee Time - video game version
    thomas (7 months ago)

    i've added a thing to jam buds so you get a notification when someone likes a thing you posted. the logic for it is weirdly complex! it has to account for 3 different thing types (songs, albums, mixtapes) and 3 different like sources (posts via feed or profile, likes, and songs in mixtapes). it is, of course, very undertested, because i am too lazy to cover all the unit testing scenarios. please don't break it and enjoy the engagement endorphins from knowing someone liked your things

  • Billy Ocean
    Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run)
    thomas (7 months ago)

    test post, but real jam moved jam buds from server-to-server, among other infrastructural changes. let me know if anything seems even more broken than normal.

  • Mr Twin Sister
    thomas (7 months ago)

    this was the song i added bandcamp support to post but they since added it to spotify so shrug

  • Overmono
    Pieces of 8
    thomas (7 months ago)

    jam buds now supports bandcamp a bit - if you paste in a bandcamp track/album URL, it should work ok it'll cross-reference spotify/apple music if it's an album or if the song has an isrc code set on bandcamp (not many do unfortunately). hoping to add song cross-search based on title/artist soon but that's tricky to get right due to inconsistencies between listings on different platforms no inline playback for bandcamp yet either. maybe someday