about jam buds

what is this thing

this is jam buds, a site to share music with friends

you can post songs you like, follow your friends, and listen to what everyone you know is listening to.

the rules of the place

  • jam buds is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. I do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.

  • do not maliciously spam posts. if you are really excited to share a lot of new music you're into, that's okay, but if you're clogging up the feed by posting 27 cover versions of "who let the dogs out" at once, i will probably remove your ability to post to the public feed at the very least. if you want to share a whole lot of music at once, consider a mixtape instead!

to report any violations of the above rules you have experienced, seen, or heard about, please reach out to me at hello@jambuds.club.

I reserve the right to remove any user from the site at any time.

something's broken / I have an idea

jam buds is under active development and exists in a constant state of on-fire-ness. you can check the public issue tracker to see if your idea is on the drawing board, or if the bug you noticed is already known. otherwise, feel free to reach out at hello@jambuds.club!

who's responsible for this mess

this site was built by thomas, who feels weird writing this in the third person. you can follow him on here if you'd like.

in addition, this site uses the following assets:



  • Record by Clayton Meador from the Noun Project
  • play by Alex Fuller from the Noun Project
  • pause by Alex Fuller from the Noun Project
  • Skip Forward by Alex Fuller from the Noun Project
  • menu by Ismael Ruiz from the Noun Project

nerd things

the code for jam buds is open source and viewable on github. please feel free to take a look, but we're not currently accepting outside contributions, so don't go opening any PRs!